12 different styles of bedrooms for Indian houses

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Cyntia

12 different styles of bedrooms for Indian houses

Enter the bedroom and the main attraction and absolute necessity there is our bed. When it comes to choosing home furniture, there are so many designs, styles and materials in the market. For the bed of the bedroom apart from the material our main focus is the style and design since it is and will always remain a personal piece of furniture that turns into a haven to make our night comfortable. Today we have brought for you 12 amazing style of bed for your bedroom each different from another to capture your essence. Have a look!

​1. Box style bed

In modern homes especially in cities where space has shrunk, bed box has become need of the time because of the storage it offers. The bed is framed in a box style with hollow space in between making room for storage. You can choose from hydraulic or manual style or you may opt for drawer style for more convenience.

Box style bed with drawers on the side

Life becomes more comfortable and organized with drawers on the side since now no need of muscle power while operating the lid of the box.

​2. Platform bed

This style of bed was more common before the advent of bed box. It is still preferred in homes where storage space is not an issue. It looks robust resting on solid slat there is space below the bed to aerate the mattress from below and allowing cleaning the floor below the bed regularly. It is more versatile, leaving a feel of roominess in the room since it looks light. The best part is that this style of bed comes in traditional and trendy designs to suit your home.

One more style of platform bed

​3. Hotel-style bed

Indians have a secret love for everything elaborate and regal with a touch of tradition in it. The headboard of this bed has been given a royal look that matches with the wall paper of the walls. The colour of the bed is selected to give a modern twist to the traditional elegance of the bed. This bed will fit well in a large room with rest of the furniture matching with it.

​4. Traditional style bed

Reminiscence from our ancestral homes, I am sure we all must have seen it in our grandmother’s home. Four long rods are fixed on four corners of the bed which earlier was made more elaborate with intricate carvings. But now the same style has taken a modern form and has mellowed down a bit to suit contemporary style. However, this style of bed will look good in large master bedroom since it takes on visual and vertical space too. Match it with traditional décor for authentic look.

Modern twist to ancestral style

​5. Transparent bed

It’s quite modern and stylish and adds transparency into the space. It can be said that it is the platform bed for generation next. Made of toughened glass this looks delicate but actually is strong.

​6. Diwan bed

Diwan bed is more suitable in family room or living room where it can be used as a place to sit or laze around in the day and to sleep in the night. Available in variety of designs, it can be said that it is the older version of sofa cum bed. Unlike sofa cum bed it is not convertible and remains a diwan forever.

​7. Sofa-cum-bed

Sofa cum bed is a multi-purpose furniture, it has fast risen the popularity chart especially among the city dwellers living in modern homes. As the name suggest, it is a sofa so it can be used in the living room. When you need it as a bed, unfold it or pull it depending upon its style and convert it into a comfortable bed. It is perfect for living room, small homes or even guest room, in case guests arrive.

​Fashionably stunning sofa cum bed

The circular shape of the bed is cut to fit the back of sofa when it is converted into sofa during the day.

​8. Layered bed

Low height bed has been preferred in Indian homes for long especially with children in homes for whom bed also becomes a playground in the day. However, in modern day, the modern designers have taken the concept of low bed and made the floor out of the bed thus giving an extension to the bed and creating an illusion of low lying bed. The extension can be used as storage space too like it is done here.

Illuminated extension of the bed to add drama into the bedroom

​9. Bunk- bed

It is mostly used in children room making space for two beds in the space for one. Basically it is a vertical bed which also doubles up to be an adventurous playful area for kids. Depending upon your requirements, space you have, style you love and the budget you can design an amazing bunk bed for your kids.

10. Twin beds

Bunk beds are usually connected to one another and lay one over the other. But if you want two separate beds for your children with upper bed not over the lower one, then you may love this style of twin beds. This is a hybrid between the bunk bed and two separate twin beds. Or we may say that this is two in one bed.

Traditional twin beds

If space allows, grown up kids of the home will prefer two beds side by side instead of one over the other.

​11. Collapsible bed

It’s a space saving idea for small homes and perfect for guest or kids room. The lower bed can be pulled out when needed. Basically it is a twin bed stacked under one another.

Bunk bed with collapsible bed making it bed for three

12. Bed with drapes around

It looks luxurious and once again brings back the memories from ancestral homes or from the movies on royalty. It has four rods on four corners draped in soft and fine clothes often in white or pastel shade. It brings romance and elegance into the bedroom. However, it will look good only if the room is large and spacious.

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