A 3bhk home designed by decor services in Pune

Posted on June 10, 2018 by Kassie Luter

A 3bhk home designed by decor services in Pune

The choice of home interiors is very personal and it can never be right or wrong. What works for one home may not necessarily work for another home. It is for this reason that interiors of a home need to be planned well-considering aspects such as individual style and functionality. While some prefer a lot of wood elements, some others prefer a more modern approach. While contemporary designs and a modern approach combine well together, it is not the right style for everyone. The home that is showcased here is a combination of styles but it is one that works for this home and it has been completed by the interior designers and decorators of THE D’ZINE STUDIO, Pune.

Lovely welcome

This textured wall makes for a very dramatic welcome. While keeping the wall as it is also great, you can always add some pretty and inspiring traditional artwork to the textured walls to make it look bright and energetic. The wood paneling in the entrance adds to the beauty of this pathway.

Wood-centric TV Unit

This is a marvelous piece for a living room. With the subtle colour of wood and the plain walls, this makes for a wonderful accent in the room. The simple ledge below the unit is wonderfully functional while contributing to the design as well.

Gorgeous view

A broad view of the room from this angle is magnificent and presents a consistent design. The choice of colours for the drapes and the walls match well. Presenting a subtle and lighter palette, this home looks stylish and sophisticated. The choice of lights is a combination of modern and traditional making the room look lovely and charming.

Simple bedroom

Using wood wardrobes is definitely a well-used design idea but it never gets old. Furnish the rest of the room with opposite or contrasting tones and you have a winning design on your hands. The false ceiling and the extra lights make the room look bright and cheerful. A long mirror in the room makes the design functional and pretty as well.

Vibrant children’s room

This lovely room is subtle yet looks cheerful enough for a kid’s room. By using the bright colour on the wall and enhancing it with shelves and other accents, the room does not look overwhelming. The design has been balanced well by separating the beds. The blinds have enhanced the look thanks to the pattern on the cloth.

Elegant dining room

Using a combination of elements, this dining room is a combination of ideas. Where the dining table is more modern in design, the wood panel and the ceiling give the room a more traditional look. The drapes combined with the box-type shelves create warmth in the room.15 Dining room and living room decorating ideas.