Design ideas from a residential flat in Pune

Posted on January 21, 2017 by Jovita Burson

Design ideas from a residential flat in Pune

This residential flat, designed by Anup Dezines, will make you fall in love at first sight.  These Interior Designers & Decorators in Pune have done a fantastic job in creating a home that has neat and clean design, and some truly gorgeous décor. The colour scheme is simple and pleasing to the eye. Let’s take a tour of this lovely home.

The elegant bedroom

The bedroom is designed simply and elegantly. The bed frame is made of beautiful polished wood. There is a small bed on the side, attached to the queen-sized bed for the child in the house. We love the splash of colour in the deep aubergine used on one of the walls. The beautiful artwork looks right at home.

The workspace

In this room, a workspace has been added for convenience. The same purple has been used for the wardrobe doors. The workspace contains one table, a chair, a desk lamp and an accompanying cabinet with a beautiful, colourful design. The seating space by the window is our favorite spot in the room. This is the perfect place for a morning cup of coffee or tea with a newspaper.

​Colours and whites

What we love about these designers is the combination of whites and colours. The colour scheme of the room is grey and white. However, the designers have cleverly incorporated colour in the room as this symmetrical wardrobe design. The grey and white wardrobe design is stunning.

The perfect combo

When playing with multiple colours, maintaining the correct balance is essential. The designers have chosen another room to play with colours and we absolutely love the red and white stripes. That’s about the only colour in the room, everything else is grey and white. The grey wall behind the bed is the perfect location for the differently coloured wall. The wall-mounted shelf provides a great space for displaying artefacts.

​Geometry in design

As we said, we love the imaginative use of colourful geometrical design in the interior design. This room has simple, earthy tones, combined with white. But the colourful geometrical design on the wardrobe is what catches our eye. The TV is wall-mounted and the grey accompanying cabinet is perfect for storage.

The wonderful outdoors

Now that we are done with the interiors, let’s take a peek outside the apartment. The balcony/ terrace is absolutely beautiful. The wooden flooring compliments the white exteriors. The beautiful wooden furniture is comfortable. The grey upholstering matches just perfectly with the rest of the décor.

​Stone and wood

This is another part of the terrace. The stonewall with artwork is absolutely stunning. The overall decor has the ability to transport one to a different place. The furniture is a simple wooden table with comfortable chairs and a fantastic view from the balcony on the side. What we really appreciate here is the designer’s ability to design the exteriors just as well as the interiors.

​The perfect bedroom design

We end the tour with a bedroom design. This is the epitome of a modern bedroom design. We love the overall decor, the colour scheme and the placement of the furniture. The wooden flooring, the white walls, the stunning hanging lamps and floor lamps all compliment each other. The bedroom is partitioned with the help of the wooden panel behind the bed, which creates a more open area.Bedroom design ideas from architects in Mumbai.

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