Design ideas from architectural design consultants in Ahmedabad

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Inuyasha

Design ideas from architectural design consultants in Ahmedabad

One of the most defining features in the modern home is the preference for a clean look. This can be done in several ways- minimalistic furniture, simple and straight lines and subtle colours are just some of those ways to accomplish such a look in your home. Such a design need not be boring as you can add pops of colour through the design to introduce energy and fun into your home décor. The interior designers and decorators of DESIGNCLICK, Ahmedabad present this modern and contemporary home that looks exceptional on every front.

Modern look

This is a modest yet an impressive living room for this home. The white for the sofas is a choice that is consistent with contemporary styles and by sticking with straight lines for the design the designers seemed to have emphasized this even further.

Charming spaces

A look that is consistent with modern design is the minimal use of walls. By opening up spaces, there is a free flow of energy and the ability to use the rooms without the restrictive walls. Here, the dining room sits right outside the kitchen. A column that sits right outside seems to form an invisible barrier between the two spaces. A Grey and white combination for the kitchen is inspiring and makes for a fuss-free look.

Simplistic bedroom

This is a lovely little room that is simplistic yet functional. Green is the colour of choice, the designers have created the perfect room with attractive accents. The green plant and the bright blue chair in one corner of the room brighten up this room.

Vibrant bedroom

This is a bedroom that is pleasing and beautiful. The bright blue accent wall that forms the backdrop for this room is unusual yet creative. A simple dresser sits in one end of the room. The design is modest as it is consistent with the overall theme and design choice of the house.

Elegant bedroom

A deeper shade of cream adorns one of the walls and everything else seems to have been designed around it. Using a low bed, the designers have created a warm and inviting look for this room. It creates a cosy atmosphere as it sits at a perfect angle to watch TV which has been mounted on the opposite wall.

Rustic look

It is quite easy to combine certain rustic elements with modern designs and here this bathroom features tiles in colours that are more rustic and traditional yet they look perfect against the modern fixtures fitted into this bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom

Shower stalls and lighter tones show the homeowner’s proclivity towards the modern look. Smart design combined with the perfect colours keeps this bathroom looking exceptionally clean.7 inspirational modern bathroom ideas

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