Hmong Culture

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Hmong customs and culture - Wikipedia The Hmong people are an ethnic group currently native to several countries, believed to have come from the Yangtze river basin area in southern China. Hmong Culture The. Hmong People - Hmong Culture Hmong Today Hmong people today are spread out all over the world. There is heavy concentrations in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, California, and areas of Wisconsin. Recent estimates show that there is around 200,000 Hmong people in the United States.

Hmong language, culture, and food: What most people don’t

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Hmong Culture le: History, Culture, and Beliefs Hmong language is a tonal language, that is, though the word is same, the pronunciation differs as the stress on different syllables changes. Thus, music is connected to their spoken language. Similar to other cultures, even they have music for various occasions, be it happy or sad. Hmong people - Wikipedia Hmong people have their own terms for their subcultural divisions. Hmong Der and Hmong Leng are the terms for two of the largest groups in the United States and Southeast Asia. In the Romanized Popular Alphabet, developed in the 1950s in Laos, these terms are written Hmoob Dawb (White Hmong) and Hmoob Leeg (Green Hmong.

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