Home interior ideas from interior decorators in Gurgaon

Posted on August 19, 2018 by Robert

Home interior ideas from interior decorators in Gurgaon

Less is more is applicable to many aspects of our life and this works in home design as well. Making use of this mantra, you can ensure that your home looks well-designed and superior in style without compromising space or budget. What is important is always to pay attention to what is preferable in terms of elements, textures and colours. Once that has been done, the other layers can be added to accentuate the basic look. This wonderful home has been accomplished by the interior designers and decorators of MATTER OF SPACE PVT. LTD., Gurgaon.

Abstract accent wall

This wall looks subtle and a tad bit on the lighter side, however, thanks to the room divider it makes it look apt and ideal in this area. The room divider also fits well into the scheme of things as the intricate pattern within it is symmetrical taking off on the theme that exists on the wall. Grey and white makes for a wonderful combination in terms of colour and look.

Exceptional execution

The wall has been completed meticulously and splendidly giving the room its character and identity. The subtle gold lines running through the walls create perfect synchronous with the straight lines and ideas in the room. The beams on the ceiling form another shape and this is also consistent with the fascination of symmetrical patterns in the overall design. The false ceiling and the lights within them add another element of design and sophistication to this room.

Modest TV Unit

This is a wonderful Tv unit which has subtlety and presence in the room. The tan colour works great against the white walls and the lines and the shapes seem to be balanced quite well. There is a wonderful combination of closed and open storage creating balance here as well. The choice of softer colours works great as there is a common theme of subtlety which is being adhered to here as well.

Excellent storage

As a designer it is important to pay attention to areas in the home where storage can be added conveniently and stylishly. This spot at the entrance of the kitchen has been beautifully transformed into a space that looks great and can be used functionally as well. By using the same granite as what has been used in the kitchen, there is consistency in the design and the kitchen extends out as well.

Clean look for Kitchen

The granite covered cabinets below the counter seem to match the counter and create a wonderful look for this space. The contrast of the lighter tone above the counter makes the kitchen look stylish, organized and clutter-free. The tiles against the wall is the only pattern and this is wonderful as it creates the right contrasts in the room.15 pictures of cabinets in the kitchen.

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