How can I use kitchen organizers to optimize space?

Posted on May 20, 2018 by Markus Soileau

How can I use kitchen organizers to optimize space?

Who doesn’t like to see a clean and organized kitchen?! While it’s something that most homeowners dream about, for a few people, having a neat and super organized kitchen is a must. It’s not difficult to achieve if one installs kitchen organizers within the cabinets or open shelves to keep the room looking well-arranged and tidy. For those looking for ideas on how to keep the kitchen organized, we’ve put together some of the best solutions. It includes small kitchen storage ideas that are essential for modern apartments with limited space.

Cabinets – the main kitchen organizers

Of course, the simplest solution for keeping any kitchen organised is to install cabinets. This way, everything can be neatly arranged behind the doors to free up the countertops from clutter. Shelves within the kitchen storage cabinets help to arrange utensils and other items, but they don’t guarantee neatness unless one makes an effort to organize the interiors efficiently.

Internal systems are the key to efficient kitchen organizers

The secret to keeping the interior of cabinets always organized is to install kitchen cabinet inserts and pull out shelves. One of the common problems of fixed shelves in kitchen cabinets is that while it’s easy to access the items stored in the front, it’s uncomfortable to bend and stretch into the deep recesses to reach something one needs.

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Corner cabinets are the most problematic in terms of accessibility, but installing pull out drawers, swivel racks, swing out systems and other kitchen organizers for cabinets are excellent solutions for making them more user-friendly, besides putting dead space to good use.

Pantry cabinets – essential kitchen organizers

Every kitchen has a fair amount of groceries and cooking ingredients that need to be stored in a hygienic and efficient manner. Stacking these items on shelves inside a cabinet is an option, but often, the things at the back of the cupboard are forgotten about until they are past their expiry date. The best way to prevent this from recurring every few months is to get pantry cabinets with pull out drawers or racks so that it’s easy to take stock of every ingredient within the cupboard.

Kitchen cabinet storage solutions – basket drawers

Every kitchen has a certain number of perishables that need to be stored in the right manner. Not everything needs to be refrigerated. Certain fruits and vegetables can be stored at room temperature inside basket drawers that are well ventilated.

Custom-designed kitchen cabinet storage solutions based on the homeowner’s needs

Each homeowner’s needs are different from that of another. Therefore, it’s vital that the kitchen planner understands the requirements and designs storage solutions specific to the homeowner’s needs. For instance, in a kitchen that doesn’t have a dishwasher, a drip rack above the sink is essential for allowing the plates to drip-dry. Additionally, this can serve as a plate rack for storing the crockery and glasses.

Wall mounted kitchen organizers

Not every kitchen is spacious enough to have cabinets to accommodate everything in the room. Wall mounted hanging racks with hooks or shelves present an excellent alternative to cabinet interior organizers. They can be used to stack cups, spice bottles, spoons or anything else that one uses every day.

Kitchen organizers on cabinet doors

The inner side of cabinet doors can be used to create additional storage in the kitchen by installing pocket racks or customized wire racks. These kitchen organizers for cabinets can hold anything from spice bottles to kitchen paper or ladles, depending on the requirement. One can either have them made to order or buy them readymade and fix them inside the door.

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Open shelves as kitchen organizers

Of course, an easy way to get additional storage space in any kitchen is to install wall mounted shelves. They can be used to arrange crockery, bottles, glasses or anything else to keep the countertop free for working. The only disadvantage of open shelves is that one needs to ensure that it always looks neat.

Among the excellent kitchen cabinet storage solutions for hiding away the clutter on open shelves is to install rolling shutters that can be pulled down to conceal everything behind the door. This especially works well for shelves stacked with appliances and their messy wires.

Tips for organizing the kitchen

How does one decide on the combination of kitchen organizers that are required for keeping the room looking organized?

Analyse the space

For an existing kitchen, it would mean removing everything from the drawers to get an idea of the number and the types of items that need to be stored. At this stage, it’s also advisable to protect the interiors of the cabinets with a lining to prevent it from getting scratched while placing or removing utensils. In the case of a new kitchen, making a list of the items will help with planning the type of cabinet storage organizers.

Eliminate the clutter

At this stage, it’s wise to throw away things that aren’t used to gain storage space within the cabinets. Only keep what is essential, and discard items that haven’t been used as chances are that they won’t ever be.

Sort items by category 

The next stage in planning for kitchen organizers is to separate the items according to the frequency of use or their function. For example, plates, glasses and fry pans that are used daily need to be easily accessible, whereas cookie cutters that one uses only during Christmas or special occasions can be arranged in a higher shelf in the cupboard.

Keep daily use items within reach

Whether it’s the spices and oils with which one cooks every day or the crockery and cutlery that is used daily, these items need to be kept accessible, preferably in lower shelves so that they can be taken out or put back conveniently.

Think about where to store each category of items

The final step before deciding on the right type of kitchen cabinet storage solutions is to plan where to store each category of items. This is a vital step of the process, but it will ensure that enough space is allocated for every type of kitchen item. Depending on the number of utensils, one might need to separate them into two different shelves or drawers with daily use pots and pans near the stove and others in a unit that is in another corner.

Similarly, the cutlery and crockery that is used everyday can be arranged in the top tier of the drawer, whereas spoons, ladles or other tools that are used only once in a way can be secured in the bottom tier.

Think about where you will keep the spices, seasonings and oil bottles. Is there space to store them in a pull-out drawer near the stove or do you need to install a wall organiser with racks to keep them accessible while cooking?

Last, but not the least, have a clear idea of the type of pantry unit you will need in the kitchen. A tall unit with pull-out drawers or racks is ideal, but if the kitchen area is small, you might have to make do with storing them in the over-counter cabinets.

Working with an interior designer will make it easier to choose the right type of kitchen storage cabinets.

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