Interior design ideas by residential design consultants in New Delhi

Posted on July 16, 2018 by Boris

Interior design ideas by residential design consultants in New Delhi

Creating a positive aura around a house is important and using this mantra, the interior architects have fashioned this wonderful and charming home. Every nook and cranny of this house has been well thought out and as a result you have a stunning look for this house. Using a combination of elements, the interior architects of SHRITEE ASHISH & ASSOCIATES, New Delhi have combined opposing ideas to create a perfect amalgamation of designs in this gorgeous home.

Exceptional use of lights

In this room, the use of the colour red is refreshing as the colour can energize any space quite easily. Since it has a certain richness to it, use of these colours as a focal point works wonderfully well in this room. The cushions and the chairs at the dining table seem to brighten this lovely room. The false ceilings along with a clever use of lighting all around make this room vibrant and energetic. The light colour of the floor is well contrasted by the use of a deep colour for the doors.

Modern kitchen

A heavy use of steel and modern elements make this kitchen intrinsically modern. A matching shade of tan colour for the cabinets and shelves keeps the look consistent and clean. Huge industrial chimneys hang above the working area giving the kitchen an aesthetic appeal. An extensive use of glass also makes for a striking impression in this space. The architects have also paid close attention to the lighting making this a bright and vibrant place to spend time in.

Impressive seating area

This is a wonderful landing area and as you approach this space from the lower level, you are greeted by a large and comfortable table with colourful and cosy seating. A lounge chair sits in the corner and thanks to the bright combination of colours, it is hard to miss. It works as the perfect accent piece in this space.

Masterful bedroom

The emphasis is on gold here and therefore implies royalty. Everything in this room seems to point towards a luxurious and comfortable space. The leather recliner in a soft gold matches the look and the feel of the room. The headboard has also been creatively included in the scheme of things as the gold used in it makes it the best accent in the room.

Relaxing outdoors

Cane or rattan chairs always work as the best option for outdoor furniture. Not only are they functional but they look like a million bucks amidst plants, and other greenery. A combination of elements here makes this the perfect design. There is sand, tall and short plants and shrubs, creative planters and magnificent stone that completes the overall look.15 ideas to improve your Indian kitchen.

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