Interior design ideas from a modern home in Mumbai

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Penni Scheider

Interior design ideas from a modern home in Mumbai

Dharma Interior Pvt Ltd is responsible for creating these stunning interiors. They are perfect for the everyday person who likes things to be simple, but designer. These Interior Designers & Decorators are based in Mumbai and are known for creating homes that are modern, stylish and well within the budget. Let’s take a tour of one of their latest designs.

A royal living room

The living room is decorated elegantly. It is comfortable, plush and luxurious. The colour combination of the sofa is quite interesting. The centre table is elegantly designed and is made of wood and glass. The rug is simple and beautiful.

The colourful child’s room

The children’s room has beautiful colours, which makes it a lot more fun. Here, we have a room with ochre walls, a large window for natural light and a stylish wooden cupbpard. The room is spacious, but even with the furniture, there is ample empty space in the room to move around.

Everything wood

The use of wood in this section shows us that the designers have put a lot of thought into their design. The custom made TV wall includes a wall-mounted TV, wooden drawers and wooden panelling. Accompanying the wooden panelling are two wall-mounted shelves holding little succulents, photos and other family knickknacks.

Classic black

The all-black look given to this living room is fantastic. It is classy, modern and extremely sophisticated. The sofas are luxurious and elegant. The matching throwpillows make it beautiful. The comfortable rug is soft when oyu put your feet on it. The modern décor is art on the walls, the armchair with similar upholstering and the centre table all create the perfect picture. We are absolutely in love with the sophisticated theme of the room.

Colours and textures

So this room is a riot of colours, the ochre colour scheme is by far one of our favorites. The designers have not just stopped at using one colour, they have sued a combination of colours, such as ochre and brown to create the perfect look. The leopard print rug is a great addition to the overall décor of the room.

Art in homes

Artwork in homes is absolutely essential. It gives the home an entirely new look. The designers have added this wonderful painting to the home in order to create chic interioirs that are modern and stylish. We love the painting and how it has been divided into two.

Lighting is key

Lighting is key for every single home. The TV cabinet has been highlighted with lighting inside the cabinet doors. The wall-mounted cabinet below the TV usua the same type of effect, which is actually quite nice to look at. It is also very different and unique in terms of interioir décor.

Extraordinary artwork

This is a very unique addition to the children’s room. The floor to ceiling design is a new and unique concept, The flower begins on the wall and ends at the ceiling, with a fun and coloured  fan. Now children would abolsutely fall in love with that.

Stylish bedroom

The bedroom is simple and functional, which is what most homeowners want. The simple hardwood flooring, and us of wooden laminates in the rest of the furniture I the room creates a harmony in design. The bedhead is simple and comfortable, and the cushioning upholstery used is a beautiful design.

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