Redesigning spaces in a Mumbai home by local architects

Posted on May 25, 2018 by Markus Soileau

Redesigning spaces in a Mumbai home by local architects

Redesigning spaces involves a lot of thought and creativity as the clients expect a refreshing look yet would like to have a home that is updated and current. So, the design architects of HINGE ARCHITECTS, Mumbai have put together this amazing and aesthetically appealing home in Khar, Mumbai. Every small aspect has been taken into consideration such that there is an optimal use of space and room. Smart and clever ideas such as an extendable coffee table with a chessboard inlaid in it add charm and functionality to the living room.

Gorgeous living room

Using bright colours for the sofa, the architects have created a vibrant and cheerful look for this space. By using blinds in place of drapes, the design has been made modern and as a result it makes the living space look roomier and brighter too. A single ornate chandelier hangs in the centre of the room keeping a part of the old world charm. The light colour palette keeps things subtle and exquisite.

Simplistic lines for dining room

The clean and straight lines in the dining table and chairs make this room modern and contemporary at the same time. However, by sticking to the rustic and darker shades, they have tried to infuse an earthy and traditional feel as well. The accent wall and the colour works wonders here as it matches the overall theme quite well.

Lovely art installation

This is a unique art installation that serves a purpose as well. Decorating a long passageway may be difficult but not in this case. Here a pivoting perforated screen makes space playful while being functional as well. As the screen moves, it brings in natural sunshine and air as well.

Rustic Study

Simple lines make this study rustic and earthy in every way. The chair, its shape and structure have a very traditional feel. The rug brings in the right burst of colour in this subtle expression of design.

Elegant bedroom

Using a modest approach and sticking with a conservative colour palette, the architects have created an elegant and sophisticated bedroom that is complete in every which way. The soft rug and the custom design for the bed make this space inspiring and impressive.

Bright bedroom

Using one strong colour as an accent helps to give direction to the design in a room. Here, the colour mustard has been used to brighten and distinguish this look from other rooms in the house. The mustard has been combined well with the other colours to create the right vibrancy and cheerfulness.

Impressive wardrobes

The wardrobes look sophisticated and elegant. The sliding doors and the simple mustard stripe running through them contributes to consistency in the overall design. The woodwork is stunning and exquisite.Bedroom design ideas from architects in Mumbai