Shringaar: A beautiful home designed by designers in Jaipur

Posted on March 05, 2017 by Kassie Luter

Shringaar: A beautiful home designed by designers in Jaipur

Located in Jaipur, the pink city, this amazing home designed by the professionals of Skywalk designers in Jaipur stands proudly in the busy street corner, kissed by sun and wind on all sides and flanked by greenery on three sides. The house took its inspirations from the rich culture and tradition adorning the city. Marble, sand stone and burnt clay is extensively used both in exterior and interior of the home for local flavour which is then blended with glass and metal to give it a modern touch. Let’s dive in and have a look at this beautiful house which simply merges with the essence of the city.

​1. A view from the corner

Standing tall and shining bright, the house dominated by glass and metal in the exterior is washed in lights from inside. During daytime, the house gets sufficient fresh air and natural light. Strong grill defines the boundary of the house giving it protection without blocking the view of this beautiful house.

2. Façade of stone

Natural stones in the shape of brick are used to cover the front façade giving it rustic charm. The glass window is protected by grilled wooden window to block the sunlight and protect the house from harsh summer heat.

3. Connecting the floors

Stepping up the style of the home, the floors of the house is connected by wooden staircase. Space near the stairs is used to create a private seating area for the family to hang around together. The beautiful lamps hanging from double-height ceiling is making the space bright and just awesome.

4. Partition with a purpose

Half cabinet and half jali, it is a partition which hides the kitchen behind but in style. The jali design of the wall matches with the intricate carvings on the cabinet door. The traditional knobs on the door look and feel regal reminding us of the rich history of Rajasthan.

5. Playing on the wall

Playful mischief of light and shadow creating an intricate design on the wall matching the partition is an added advantage of this beautifully carved jali work in the home filled with sufficient natural light.

6. Dressing up the dresser

A dressing table flaunted by LED lights all around and guarded by wooden drawers and glass doors hiding the shelves behind forms a comfortable dressing table for the family. With wooden floor the area is dominated by white like the other space of the home.

7. Food factory of the home

Kitchen follows the modern trend of open space connecting it with the rest of the home yet dividing and defining its area from below through flooring. Kitchen has wooden floor that contrast with white décor in the kitchen. A wall to wall skylight brings in sufficient natural light into the kitchen. Island of the kitchen extends to form the breakfast bar. The elegance of this kitchen is in its simplicity and serenity.

​8. Tranquillity in bedroom

Dominated by white on the walls and wood on the floor this bedroom looks peaceful and serene for complete relaxation. Geometrical patterns of mirror on the cupboard shine to create drama on one wall and colourful painting of Radha-Krishna is adorning the other.

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